About Flame Diamond

Flame-diamond is a creation of the contemporary state of the art.

Modern cutting edge technology has enabled us to create diamond stimulants as if it were naturally grown. In the U.S., an enormous amount of funding has been put into research and experiment over the years.

The end-result is the invention of the Flame-diamond. Each piece of Flame-diamond is lab-made with the latest cutting edge technology. The degree of brightness, shininess and clarity of the Flame-diamond is, to a certain extent, compatible with the best diamonds in the natural environment.

Lifetime Warranty

Flamingo Jewellery, the exclusive agent of the Flame-Diamond, offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure you that your Flame-Diamond will retain its beautiful appearance for the lifetime of the original owner. Flame-Diamond is a high-quality new diamond, and as such, with proper care and cleaning, we fully anticipate that your Flame-Diamond will retain its optical characteristics for as long as you own it.

However, should your Flame-Diamond become discolored and lose its luster as a result of daily wear, please contact us to arrange the exchange of your free replacement.

The Shape of Flame Diamond

Hearts and Arrows cut

Our Flame Diamond is being hand cut to the exact standards of Hearts and Arrows cuts, something fewer than 1 in 1000 (that’s less than 0.1%) round cut diamonds will ever achieve! This article is designed to help you understand the difference between a typical round cut stone, and a Hearts and Arrows round.


Hearts and Arrows is an industry term for a specific type of round cut where all facets are in perfect alignment, proportion and symmetry. Cut is one of the four major components of diamond grading. Cut controls 98% of the brilliance of a round cut gem or diamond. However, cut is often the least understood of the four C’s,and often the most disregarded. It’s easy to understand carat weight, color and clarity, but cut is difficult.

The top half of a round diamond is called the ‘crown’. It is the crown that dictates the amount of fire of a round cut gem (how much light is broken into its spectral colors). The bottom half of a round cut is termed the ‘pavilion’. The bottom half controls how much light that enters the diamond is returned back to the viewer – this is termed its brilliance.

How the facets on both the top and bottom half of the round cut gem line up (symmetry) determines a gemstones scintillation, or the way it plays with light as it reflects it to the viewer.

The interplay of all of these facets on both the top and bottom half of the diamond or diamond simulant control how much light that enters a the stone is returned back to the viewer. The inside of a diamond can be represented as a hall of mirrors. The more precisely aligned and shaped the mirrors, the more light will be reflected back out rather than lost as it bounces between mirrors. In a typical diamond, roughly 68% of the light that enters ends up being reflected back to the viewer.

By contrast, in a hearts and arrows diamond, 96-98% of all light that enters is reflected back out! This is a result of a painstaking effort on the part of the cutter to ensure that all facets (mirrors) are perfectly symmetrical, in perfect alignment and perfectly proportioned. It is very easy to see the difference in diamond when comparing a typical round diamond to a hearts and arrows diamond. The difference is simply a much more brilliant stone!

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