Jewellery Duplication Service

Duplication of diamond jewellry may not come to your mind in the very first place but if you have a second thought, you would probalby realise that you’ve encountered the followings circumstances before:


You’re yoo frightened to wear your favourite diamond jewellery every day as you don’t want to damange and lose it…


You’re wondering whether you should keep the jewellery lery gift from your partner sent to you as a gift in your jewellery box or wear it every day…


With a piece of lavish jewellery, you want to show off in front of your friends or bring along on a trip but you’re afraid of being stolen…

Compared with insurance for art piece and expensive belongings, we provide a solution for you. With professional artisans and the state-of-the-art technology, we could duplicate your favourite jewellery in order to avoid potential risks. Our service could definitely save your day!

Synthetic stone from ’Flamingo Jewellery’ have extremely similar quality with natural diamonds but the price is much more reasonable. That’s why using technology to duplicate the same piece of diamond jewellery already went viral among  Jewellery-lovers.

If you bring along your jewellery to us, our artisans will measure the size,analyze your diamond thoroughly and duplicate a piece of diamond jewellery that are very close to the original. The duplicate jewellery reach DIF which is the highest quality standard of natural diamonds. You can wear it and go to anywhere you want without worry.

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