TVB Interview

Nowadays, synthetic diamonds💎 gain great popularity in global diamonds and luxury goods industry as its’ value are increasingly recognised by the public.

In view of such trend, TVB arranged an interview for ‘Flamingo Jewellery’ earlier. As a sophisticated brand in the field, we shared our insights on future development towards synthetic jewellery.

‘Flamingo Jewellery’ became interviewee on one of the TVB Jade program,”Financial Magazine”, which has been on air during 12th August,2018 on Sunday at 6pm Thank you for your attention and support ! 

The episode features a giant natural diamond manufacturer,’De Beers’, announced that they will be producing synthetic diamonds starting from September, explores why synthetic diamonds are increasingly recognized and the market is promising.

The TV program mentions over 60% of consumers in the western developed countries are fully embraced synthetic jewellery. This trend already influenced Asian countries. The aim of producing synthetic diamonds is not to compete or replace natural diamonds but to provide consumers with more options and more diversified jewellery market.

We’re honoured to be invited and  interviewed by TVB.💍 If you want to access the video clip and know more about our brand and products, 

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